Panasonic ES8103S Review

The ES8103S is part of Arc3 series and it has 3 different blades that will cut the hair.The foils are made with stainless steel and this helps to follow the contour of the human face for a closer shave. The head is pivoting, so the product will be able to access difficult areas from the … Continue reading Panasonic ES8103S Review


Panasonic ES8243A Review

The ES8243A model is part of Arc4 series and it has 4 blades that ensure a closer and fast shave. It is fully washable and includes an option to turn on/off vibrations for a better cleaning. The design is different than other models from this series. It has an LCD display and includes a trimmer … Continue reading Panasonic ES8243A Review


Braun CoolTec Shaver Review

What is Braun CoolTec? The shaver has an electro ceramic element that will cool your skin while shaving. This can be turned on/off. The Purpose? The CoolTec technology is patented by Braun and is designed to reduce the skin irritation. This shavers have 3 cutting elements. 2 of them are moving independently to ensure a … Continue reading Braun CoolTec Shaver Review